App Development- iOS/Android

Nowadays, every modernized business is considering a mobile-first approach to digital transformation. A vast percentage of cases consider mobile apps a necessity for their companies. To adapt to the technological flow, we are enhancing our app development environment in weboxyzen. Data security, personalization, image recognition, in-app messaging, product gamification, content sharing, and payment processing are the capabilities we are bringing to our app development process.

The current commanding app developing platforms-iOS and android are adopting technologies such as cloud computing, augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) to take advantage of coming day business. As an advanced technology company, weboxyzen is trying to ease the complex process through its development phases: strategy, analysis & planning, UI/UX design, app development, testing, debugging, and support.
Custom Web App Development

Custom Web App Development

Custom web application development is a process of designing and building unique web apps personalized to every specific business need. In weboxyzen, we use an interactive computer program created with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) to store databases and required files and manipulate data (CRUD) if necessary. Our commitment to clients is our fast and cost-effective delivery of web apps, websites, and portals for flawless business processes.

We develop custom web applications according to our client’s demands. Our custom web apps are tremendously user-friendly and can be customized anytime to fit your needs. Weboxyzen built your unique application inside an uncomplicated CMS, allowing for a hassle-free experience for your team and other active users. This custom build app has endless possibilities, no matter how complex your needs are, and our experienced development experts are always there to assist you in the stuck moment.
Business API Integration

Interactive Prototyping

Interactive prototyping is a lively prospect for project stakeholders’ visions. It is a process of exploring design ideas early in the project lifecycle to get an overview of a website’s functionality, flow, and user journey. We can experience a demo from a website interactive prototype before the final development.

Best Practices for Creating Website Prototypes Weboxyzen Follows:

  • Know the target audience
  • Start with a fundamental analog design
  • Coded prototype of CSS and HTML
  • Having actual content in design
  • Different screen size view test
  • Prototype with a professional app
  • Prioritize prototyping over planning
  • Consistently share different versions
  • Prototype the major elements
  • Make a professional design agreement
We depend on interactive prototypes to quickly and easily create product design mockups, known as user-centered design. This prototyping is very effective for the earlier design project as it allows the designers and developers to save time and resources. It makes it easy to determine which areas need improvement and early identify the errors before the final development phase.

The interactive flexibility prototypes can access with a URL and leave notes corresponding to application features and design elements. Clients, stakeholders, and developers; can primarily visualize the site and test basic functionality and interaction with ease and efficiency.
SEO for CRO Development

CRM integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology or contact management application that manages relationships and interactions with potential customers. To improve preferred methods of communication, streamline processes, and improve leads, a business’s customer data need to integrate with third-party systems seamlessly. For connecting a CRM system with other business and sales apps to suit your organization’s unique needs, a perfect CRM integration must minimize the communication gap and ensure profitability.

Weboxyzen CRM practices:

  • Our CRM process helps boost leads from the beginning of sales to grow relationships.
  • Our perfect analytics determine interested customers to bring front in your communication.
  • Sales review allows your management to analyze previous sales comparisons and determine predicted trends.
  • Performance metrics notify you about your sales goal and tell you if you need to improve more.
  • We can modify customized lead generation software functionality according to your demand.

Here are a few valuable features we can apply to your CRM system:

  • Email tracking & notifications
  • Click to call auto dialer
  • Ticketing system
  • Messaging & live chat
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Pipeline management
  • Data import/export
  • Self-service portal
  • Social media integration
  • Prospecting tools
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