EH ROOFING hired WebOxyzen to develop their new website with the overall branding and meet up their web business solution 100%.
  • CLIENTEH Roofing and Building Contracts Ltd.
  • PLATFORMBranding, Web & Mobile
  • PROJECTBranding, Collateral, UI/UX, Custom Theme, SEO, Content Development
EH Roofing and Building Contract Ltd. is an Edinburgh-Midlothian-based roofing contractor. For more than 23 years in business, they have been offering customers around the EH area an experience of Edinburgh's best roofing service for their residential, commercial, or industrial projects. They specialize in all aspects of roof works, including traditional slating & tiling, Flat Roofing, and Single-ply bitumen felt roofs, and carry out detailed work such as all lead and zinc work. They are committed to their clients with explicit guarantees that they will receive the quality from them that no other contracting company can give in the area.
EH Roofing
36% to 41%of potential website visitors have risen
22% to 32% roofing service contact increases
Rank#1in search in the Edinburgh area
Back Story
EH Roofing and Building Contract Ltd. was not a new company but was committed to remodeling its business in a unique shape. There was a demand for overall business branding of their promotional goods like logos, banners, advert materials, other web collateral, etc. The more engaging and structured business-focused, they were very demanding of a responsive, user-friendly brand-new website, which could bring them more potential customers and increase contracts. That's why they have knocked us for their current venture's overall branding and web business solution.

The Objective

  • Make a more engaging and accessible site with an improved aesthetic and user experience.
  • Improve the mobile experience and performance for the end-user.
  • With better filtering, create a more user-friendly and business-oriented visual site.
  • Develop advanced navigation to guide potential customers' category-based service selection.
  • Create advanced social media integrations for growing social engagement and referral traffic.
  • Engage a complete backend solution by WordPress CMS.

After The Contract

  • Make a deep-eye analysis of the competitor's website.
  • Customer feedback and demand data check.
  • Check rules, regulations, and situation data analysis.
  • Submit a human-centric design framework.
  • Give a clear overview of content migration.
  • Lastly, we structure an idea wireframe.

Provided Service Areas

  • A new visual identity design (Logo design).
  • Create a unique UX & Prototyping
  • Structure the entire site with better navigation.
  • Content development and data optimization apply.
  • Back-end cloud solution.
  • Arrange entire site SEO with social media integrations.
Logo Concept
EH Roofing and Building Contract Ltd. is an Edinburgh-Midlothian-based roofing contractor. Their EH represents the Edinburgh postcode town region within the county of Midlothian. We pick up this area idea and add EH as a symbol of a house with a roof to craft their leading business roofing & other building services. All these elements all together finalized their branding of logo design.
EH Roofing - Concept
EH Roofing - Logo
EH Roofing - Branding Items
We focused on fluent user/brand acquisition & onboarding; thus, we created two individual landing pages for users & brands, respectively. We designed an Insightful dashboard for the brands, with user statistics like age, location, preferences, and sample campaign tracking. Intuitive Al-based sample selection & feedback systems have been implemented for the users once they are onboarded.
EH Roofing - Wireframe
The visual language for this product is straightforward and follows close design guidelines for its branding. The platform is filled with service-oriented roofing services in a detailed manner, though you can find and navigate the exact service section upon your requirements. The whole website has a straightforward design for increased relevance look and feels for every part to give a clear insight for the visitors. Since the website users are primarily residential and commercial building users, the site moves in an accurate direction by its showcase; the idea is to have the users save time and quickly book their desired service.

Color Palette

We created a warm, friendly & engaging color palette that resonates with the brand's tone of voice & compliments the brand's visual design language.

Primary Colour Headlines, CTA and highlighters


Secondary Colour Paragraph, Sub Headlines and Lists



We consider a brilliant typeface, 'Montserrat,' on this website to ensure legibility on all screen types. Every type size, color, line height, and letter shape showcases the appropriate typeface balancing to provide a pleasant reading experience.
EH Roofing - Branding Fonts

Put Those Icons To Work

We developed a complete set of extra icons for EH Roofing’s full services in an identified manner. Those icon designs have represented their services as cognitive waypoints for areas of interest and interaction. The thin lines and attractive simplified forms reflect modern aesthetics while remaining relevant to the message, adding an extra level of intuitive way-finding for the web user. Thus, iconography could never replace the written word, but it delivers a universal communication system.

In our development phase, the JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and every image of the sites were optimized by our developers very efficiently to minimize the website’s loading time. Our development team coded a clean, efficient markup with a style sheet. After responsive markup, our team developed a 100% customized WordPress theme and some custom plugins for EH Roofing.

While we won’t say we were utterly agile during website development, it was pretty close. Our team built the site from scratch quickly, was adaptive to continual changes, and remained open and positive to strategic adjustments that occasionally left our team starting over on certain sections. The result is a clean, responsive website that is just as usable on the backend to navigate on the front.

Bringing it all together
The new EH Roofing website is an exciting, attractive, and unique visitor experience. We collaborate all our web and digital experience into their new site with enhanced UX and visually appealing UI. The working area map integration and service details interaction are much more enticing for potential visitors and offer a more robust user experience. We were genuinely excited about the overall outcome of EH Roofing and Building Contract Ltd. through the new web design.

Outcome After Launch

  • It increased more 20-30% revenue from expected Sell growth.
  • Clients are satisfied with their services as a roofing business.
  • This website is top in popularity among contemporary website visitors.
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